Monday, November 3

On Election Eve ...

Tomorrow our nation will select a new president (as well as decide on hundreds of other offices and issues). From all indications, the voter turnout will be huge. Arkansas has been doing early voting for the past two weeks that the numbers have been large. I probably should have voted early, but I didn't. So I will try to be there early in the morning.

The "Faith & Reason" page of USA Today posted an interesting question today: "How Christian must a candidate be?" The column reported on a debate between two Christians on the issue. One took the position that he wouldn't vote for anyone (from dogcatcher to president) who wasn't a conservative Christian. The other said that he would first look at a candidate's policy positions before looking at his personal religious faith. The article linked to a video of the debate. I didn't take time to watch it, but the question is an interesting one.

Character is a huge issue in politics. But what is the balance between convictions and competence? Between religious faith and "governing" experience? Between being able to quote the right answers to a religious test and being committed to Biblical values such as justice and a true "pro-life" platform that goes beyond just the issue of abortion? It seems to me that we, as Christians, have often been easily swayed by candidates who "speak our language" but don't truly hold to Biblical convictions. And that sometimes we, as Christians, don't have a very deep or broad understanding of the Biblical values that are truly important to God.

To be honest, neither of the year's presidential candidates gives me much confidence. But the good news is that my confidence rests in the one establishes presidents and nations. I hope yours
does, as well.

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