Tuesday, November 25

Examples of Character and a New Bible Drama

I pray that everyone will have a great Thanksgiving holiday - restful and delicious and full of appreciation for every good and perfect gift from the hand of God and those people in your life who help to make it rich and full and joyful.


I am always moved by stories of character and integrity. Here are a couple that have come to my attention lately:

Randy Cope is a newspaper man. I met him a few times when he published our local paper. His daughter attended a couple of camps that I spoke at and I often read his brother's blog. But Randy and his wife have developed a passion for those caught in the web of human trafficking. They have started a foundation - Touch a Life - that is working to free children in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Ghana. They are people with a passion who are making a difference in the world. Be sure and watch this video on the children of Lake Volta in Ghana.

When Kathy Cox (Georgia state schools superintendent) won the one-million dollar prize on TV's "Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader" (the only episode I have actually ever seen), she promised to donate the money to two schools for the deaf and one for the blind in Georgia. Little did she realize at the time that her husband's home-building business would fail in the midst of our nation's housing crisis. But rather than go back on her word and use her winnings for personal needs, she kept her word and gave the money to the schools. She and her husband have since filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You might be able to debate the wisdom of her decision, but you have to admire her willingness to keep her promise.


Finally, check out this play put on by the drama department at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. It is based on the "terror texts" of the Bible - rape, cannibalism, bears eating children. I can see children's ministries across the country performing this over the next year!

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