Monday, August 17

Stacy's Wedding

The summer of Armstrong weddings is over. As most who read this know, both of our daughters got married this summer - making for an exciting, and sometimes exhausting, time. Stacy and Ryan were married on July 31, but I've waited a few days to post this because I wanted to include some pictures with it.

Stacy is 22 a
nd our baby. She is the more introverted of our daughters, but is bright and beautiful and caring. She is like her dad in that she is "always right" - and maybe right more often than I am. (I quit playing Boggle with her when she was in about the seventh grade because I could no long beat her.) She finished her degrees in marketing and organizational management at the University of Arkansas in May and wants to work in the non-profit sector in some way. Just as Stacy is different than Erin, so was her wedding. It was indoors and elegant, but both were great parties!

Ryan also graduated from the UofA in May, but he started his education in the kindergarten classroo
m of Mrs. Armstrong. (He claims she almost flunked him because he couldn't skip!) He is a good man whom I have enjoyed watching grow personally and spiritually over the past 3+ years. He and Stacy have worshiped and served together at Christ on Campus. The only bad thing I have to say is that his job as a software engineer has moved them to Colorado Springs.

Gina and I are happy for them and proud of them both. And the girls getting married isn't as hard as their men moving them to other states. We'll have to be praying about a solution to that.

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