Sunday, January 3

It's Snowing on the Outside ...

Snowy days of worship, like we have today in NW Arkansas, always bring to mind a song I heard for the first (and only) time in January of 1983. It's amazing that after 27 years I can still remember the lyrics. That's a tribute to the one who wrote it - Doug Eltzroth.

That January, he was leading worship at a retreat in Como, CO - high in the Rocky Mountains. When we reconnected via Facebook a couple of years ago and I mentioned the song to him, he didn't remember it. He probably wrote it on the spot during that snowy retreat. But I have never forgotten it and still sing it to myself on days like this ...

It is snowing on the outside
Of the building where believers
Have assembled all together
To escape the world once more.

And they're rejoicing
For they realize that this
Group of blood-washed sinners
Is much whited than whatever
Is outside of the door.