Tuesday, April 3

Follow-up on the CNN broadcast mentioned in the last post:

The Anderson Cooper 360 show on CNN is doing a three-part story this week on "What is a Christian?" It will be broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 9:00 pm central. A segment about Beachreach will be in the series, but I don't exactly when or on what night.

That's all I've got for you!

Monday, April 2

Happy Holiday!

What holiday, you might ask?

It's Opening Day! The first day of the 2007 Major League Baseball season! (Alright, there was one game last night, but I think of it as a kind of "Christmas Eve.")

I know this isn't really a holiday - but it should be. Schools should be closed. Businesses shut down. Everybody gets the day off to go to the ballpark or watch baseball on TV or listen to it on the radio. I got myself in the mood by watching "The Rookie" on Saturday night. Today, I'll listen to baseball games on the "radio" - one of the great and simple pleasures of life. It is relaxing and so "Rockwellian" - with a modern, technological twist. I subscribe to a MLB service where, for $15 a year, I can listen to any major league game, anywhere in the country, over the internet - and choose which team's broadcast I want to hear. I know that may sound a little over-the-top to some of you - but I think it's pretty cool. So the big choice today will be which games to listen to. I know that I will listen to at least part of the games in which I have pitchers starting (yes, I have two fantasy baseball teams), as well as the Royals broadcast.

Last night it dawned on me that I should have taken off work today and gone to KC for the Royals home-opener with the Red Sox. Allen, Michael, or Craig - if any of you read this - you are responsible to remind me of this next year!


Our Spring Break trips went well again this year. I went for the third year in a row to Panama City Beach, FL to do a week of outreach to college students who were there to party. It is a tiring week with a lot of late hours, but it is a great experience for our students and for me. It is a wonderful, hands-on "lab" in prayer and evangelism. Our students and staff were able to speak spiritual truth into the lives of students from all over the country and to see God use them to make a difference.

CNN will be airing a special report soon on college students and sex. As a part of it, there will be a segment on Spring Break in Panama City Beach. As they filmed that, they also spent time with those doing the same ministry we were and there is supposed to be a 5-6 minute segment on that. If I discover exactly when it will be on, I'll let you know.


A few weeks ago, Brittany Spears was making a "name" for herself by checking out of rehab, getting her head shaved, hitting bars, etc. During that period, she was the butt of jokes for every talk show host and comedian. Except one.

Craig Ferguson is the host of the Late, Late Show on CBS - on right after Letterman. One night a few weeks ago - in the midst of the Brittany mania - I caught his opening monologue and was really moved by it. Rather than using her as a source of humor, he chose to show her grace and mercy. He talked about his own struggles with alcoholism. It was funny and sad and moving. I emailed him, thanking him for it.

The monologue is now on YouTube. If you want to see it, here is the link.