Thursday, August 13

News from the University Campus

Here are some interesting trends on college campuses. As the new school year approaches, I'll post a few more of these. Credit goes to the Ivy Jungle Network. They compile information like this in their monthly Campus Ministry Update.


Booze More than Books: A recent study indicates nearly half of college freshmen spend more time drinking than studying. The survey asked questions of more than 30,000 first year students at 76 campuses. Students who said they had at least one drink in the last 14 days, spent an average of 10.2 hours drinking and only 8.4 hours studying. 70% of all respondents said they drank. 49.4% spent more time drinking than studying. (USA Today March 19, 2009)


Facebook and Grades: A study out of Ohio State indicates that those who spend time on the social networking have lower grades than those who do not. The study is small and preliminary, but indicates that students may not realize the effect of their social connections on their studies. Facebook users studied an average of five hours a week. Non-users studied two to three times that amount. 80% of students believe that their use of Facebook does not interfere with their studies. ( April 14, 2009)

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