Monday, November 10

Interesting Trends on the University Campus

Here is some information about trends on the university campus - thanks to the Ivy Jungle Network's Campus Ministry Update for November.

And why should you care about these things? Because the American university is one of the most influential institutions in our world - training the generation of leaders in government, business, education, science, medicine, and more for countries all around the world. What happens on our university campuses now will influence the direction our world will take in the future.

So support your local campus ministry.


College Students and the Lockbox: Research by the Fuller Youth Institute shows that 70% of youth group graduates do not find college a place where professors and peers reject their faith outright. On the other hand, it also shows that students are not nearly as "spiritual" as we like to think. For the majority of students, college is a time where many personal and religious connections are stored in an identity "lockbox," tucked away for the collegiate years; unexamined and protected until reclaimed at a later time. This compartmentalization explains why so many youth group kids join the cultural mainstream of campus life, seemingly "walking away" from their faith. The report explains, "emerging adults seem to care more about fitting into society than about exploring who they might be." Certainly, there are some who engage their minds and look into the box. These are often both Christian and non-Christian students seeking to know more about and grow more deeply as people and in faith. The article encourages religious workers to pursue those who are looking into the box and help them grow. In addition, youth ministers would do well to help students prepare for a faith that grows and changes as they mature and encounter new ideas and people. This will help them continue to look into the box and press on in their walk with Christ. Read the article and interview with Tony Jones at's-implications-for-your-students/


More College Students: In 2008, more than 3.3 million high school students graduated from high school, the highest number ever. Graduates are expected to top 3.2 million for the next 8 years. Colleges are feeling the effect, with 75% saying that they have seen their number of applicants increase for the third year in a row. This is due to both more graduates, and the fact that 19% of students now submit 7 or more applications. However, colleges report a steady acceptance rate of 68% of all applicants nationwide. That rate has not changed much in twenty years. More than 2/3 of all applications are now received online. (A Scribe Newswire September 25, 2008)


Wi-Fi over Beer : Most students expect wireless internet access almost everywhere they go on campus. Nearly all say they check Facebook or send emails during class. When forced to choose, almost half (48%) say they would give up beer before they would give up wi-fi. (Inside Higher Ed October 8, 2008)


Now for something a little more lighthearted. Check out this video of Justin Timberlake's "Why I Love Sports" from the 2008 ESPY Awards. Yes, I know they were a long time ago. But I never watch the ESPY's. And this video is funny whenever you see it.

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