Sunday, November 30

Another Engagement

Gina and I entered Thanksgiving Day tired. We were up late on Wednesday night, waiting on a phone call or a text message. It came at about 12:20 am on Thursday morning. Stacy was engaged to be married to Ryan Meier.

We knew that Ryan was going to propose that night. We just thought it would be closer to their 7:00 pm reservation at Bordino's than to midnight. But Ryan was (understandably) nervous and it took him a while to get the question out. But he did and she said yes. The date and details are yet to be set.

We are proud of both Stacy and Ryan. Stacy, our youngest, is 22. She's bright and sharp. A beautiful young woman who is committed to doing her best in whatever task she undertakes - her job, her schoolwork, Christ on Campus responsibilities, and more. Her commitment to the Lord is also evident in the values she lives by and her involvement in ministry and service. And we are happy about her engagement to Ryan. Gina has known Ryan's family for many years (she was his kindergarten teacher) and he has been involved with ConC during most of his college career. His love for Stacy is evident and he is tender and so attentive to her. His commitment to Christ is also clear. He got involved with our ministry even before he and Stacy started dating (though I have a suspicion that she was a factor in that) and has continued to grow and serve through his college career. Ryan will be accepting a job in Colorado Springs, where he and Stacy will be moving after their graduation next spring.

Both girls are now engaged and, most likely, will be married by the end of next summer. Our family will be heading for some major changes. And the changes are good. It is God's design that our daughters leave our home and cleave to their husbands, start their own homes, raise their own families. But the changes aren't always easy.

Today, Stacy and I went Christmas tree shopping. That is something that she and I have done together since she was a little girl. It has been part of our family Christmas tradition for many years. But today it was a little sad - at least for me - because it was probably the last time we will do it. By next Christmas (if the Lord wills) she will be a college graduate, a married woman, and living in Colorado. And I will be proud of her and happy for her. But I will miss shopping for Christmas trees with my little girl.

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