Monday, September 26

Last Saturday night, we had a "Thank You" dinner for some of the people and churches that make our ministry possible. For over 23 years now, we have had the pleasure of seeing God provide for this work through the generosity and faithfulness of his people. They are really the "unsung" heroes of what we do. Those who give to Christ on Campus do so simply out of their love for God, their love for college students, and their commitment to something bigger than themselves - the Kingdom of God. There is no personal "return" on their investment. They are not supporting programs of which they are a part or that provide personal benefits. But they believe in what we do and in its importance in the purposes of God. Those who support us come from south Florida to Seattle, WA. They are college professors and retirees on fixed incomes. They are teachers and engineers.

But they are all so special to us because of their faithfulness and generosity and encouragement.

Sometimes working in a faith-based ministry like this can be trying. Raising funds probably isn't anyone's idea of a good time. And there are periods when the money is tight and (sometimes) when paychecks don't come on schedule.

But then I think of the blessings of it all. The way that it builds your faith and dependence on God. The way it humbles you as others sacrifice for your work.

So thanks to all who make ConC possible through your prayers, encouragement, and support. It is no exaggeration to say that this ministry would not be here without you!

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