Friday, September 9

First, it was telemarketers. Then email spam. Then pop-up ads. And now, BLOG SPAM! I have received at least five "spam" comments on my blog this week. They all follow the same basic format: "Great blog. Check out my site on (take your choice): betting, health supplements, real estate, buying airplanes, etc." Ugh!


Unknown said...

I was cheking my site meter and noticed a visit from your site. I skimmed and read about the blogspam stuff. I too have gotten a couple. If you go to you template and turn on the word entry (something like that) a person will have to enter a word to leave a message. That way you cn still get anonymous comments if you have people visiting that don't want to join blogger. Just another option.


Mike said...

Thanks, 'becca!

joey said...

I noticed that,, adds never end it seems :( best of luck maintaining the uncluttered non-spammed goodness of your blog