Friday, September 16

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the excitement of a football game day. I'm sure that many have been anxiously awaiting for me to give you an update on how my teams are doing. So here we go:

When last I left you, Springdale High School was about to begin their season against Evangel Christian of Shreveport, LA, who was ranked 18th in the nation. SHS won that game 35-7 and won their next game 46-3. In that game, our first team only played 2:28 minutes in the first half and only ran 14 plays. But they scored five touchdowns on those 14 plays. That bumped SHS to #1 in Arkansas and #14 in the country. Tonight they played Jenks, OK who was ranked #1 in Oklahoma and #23 in the country. SHS won 44-0. Man, they looked good.

The best parts, though, were 1) watching the 30 or so guys who take part in our Thursday night pasta dinner and Bible study perform so well and conduct themselves so well; and 2) having my college roommate and his son, Jim and Moses Miller, come over to the game. Of course, he ministers in Jenks, so they went home depressed!

The Razorbacks, however, aren't faring so well. Though they beat Missouri State (which they should have, since they are a lower division school), they lost to Vanderbilt last week. 28-24. Vanberbilt! They hadn't won a conference game on the road in five years. And tomorrow we play USC - the #1 ranked and two time defending national champions. It could be a long night.

On another note, Mike Big Dawg's (my fantasy football team) is off to an ignoble start - thanks to Brett Favre scoring negative points last weekend. And the ConC Waterdogs lost their first intramural flag football game 12-13 last week. But I'm sure that Coach Eric Johnson will get that team back on the right track so they can again make the playoffs and maybe win another university championship - and get me a t-shirt. They usually give me one for NOT playing, as that enhances their chances of victory dramatically!

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