Monday, October 3

We have again made it through the noisest weekend of the year in Fayetteville. Last weekend was "Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue" - Fayetteville's annual motorcycle rally. According to reports, there were about 75,000 motorcycles and over 250,000 people in town for it.

And I think every motorcycle roared by six feet away from my office. Literally, I guess they did. My office is a sidewalk-width off of Dickson St., the site of the events. From about Wednesday through Saturday, you could hardly talk to others - let alone think - inside our offices.

But all the people and the bikes and the food is pretty interesting! It's quite a weekend.

And I really don't mind putting up with it once a year.


We also celebrated Stacy's 19th birthday this weekend. It's hard to believe that in a year, Gina and I will no longer have any children who are teenagers. Stacy's is an incredible young woman - bright, intelligent, beautiful, caring. I can't imagine any parents being more proud of their kids than Gina and I are of our girls.


Last week, at our campus ministers' prayer time, there were five or six of us. Among us, we have children who range in age from pre-schoolers to out of college and married. Some of those with younger children were wondering about how it was to raise children in a campus ministry setting. The consensus from those of us with older kids is that campus ministry can be a great place to raise kids! They can be exposed to people from around the world, have a whole "passle" of big brothers and sisters, get the chance to experience hands-on ministry with people they look up to, have a huge source of tutors to help with homework, and more! But the key is to work hard to not let work obligations crowd into family time and opportunities too much.

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