Tuesday, October 18

Some baseball-related musings ...

Wasn't last night's play-off game in Houston between the Cardinals and Astros great? I like both of these teams and really don't have a favorite in the series, so I was able to enjoy the shifts of fortune during the past part of the game. Lance Berkman's three-run homer in the bottom of the seventh to put the Astros up by two runs sent the stadium into pandemonium! And then Albert Pujols (the best hitter in baseball) hitting his own three-run blast in the top of the ninth to put the Cards back up by one run just sucked the air out of the Astro fans. One sports guy said it was like someone punched 50,000 people in the stomach all at the same time. It was a sweet finish.

How can anyone prefer the NBA over this???

I can never understand those who have no taste for baseball or find it boring. In baseball, every pitch is a brand new contest between the pitcher, batter, the manager positioning the fielders, and more. There is so much happening! And the play-offs are even better. Especially when the Yankees lose!

I will find it hard to root for the White Sox in the World Series. In my mind, I still see them in those baggy "slow pitch softball" uniforms they wore a couple of decades ago. Who could be a fan of theirs after that?


An update on my football teams ...

The ConC Waterdogs didn't make the UofA Intramural playoffs.

Mike's Big Dawgs (my fantasy football team) is sitting at 3-3 right now, though we are second in the league in scoring. We have suffered from inconsistent performances from our running backs (Corey Dillon and Jamal Lewis especially) and the total disappearance of Tony Gonzalez at tight end.

The Razorbacks are suffering through a hard season. They are currently 2-4 and 0-3 in conference play. They have wins over Missouri State and University of Louisianna at Monroe (not really too much to feel good about). They have lost to Vanderbilt, Alabama, and Auburn, as well as that 70-17 loss to Southern Cal. Our defense has improved, but still isn't very good and we don't have a passing attack at all. Needless to say, the natives are getting restless and there is much talk of coaching changes being needed. The bright side is that we have some outstanding young players, like sophomores Marcus Monk and Peyton Hillis and freshmen running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. And most people seem to have Mitch Mustain penciled in as the starting QB for next year, even though he is still just a senior at Springdale High School.

Which brings me to SHS! They continue to be the bright spot on my personal football landscape. The now stand at 7-0 and are ranked #1 in the state and #9 nationally by USA Today and #4 nationally by Sports Illustrated. Mitch Mustain has completed 30 of 38 passes in the past two weeks for about 620 yards and 8 touchdowns, plus he ran for two more. And he's coming to Arkansas next year. Damian Williams could be their best player, however. He has just lifted his whole game to a new level this season. For the season, he has scored 15 touchdowns on just 50 touches of the ball (31 catches and 19 rushing attempts). He is averaging 104 yards receiving per game (on just 4.5 catches) and 11.9 yards per rushing attempt. He says he is going to Florida next year.

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