Wednesday, April 6

Random Links: Japan Moved, Airline Prayers, Diet Coke, Small Animals, and Great Athletes


Here are a few things that have been sitting in my inbox. Hope you find at least some of them interesting …


According to this report on CNN World, the earthquake that hit Japan last month actually moved the island nation eight feet and shifted the earth on its axis. That sounds incredible! Does anyone have any follow-up on that?


Let’s just say that if you are going to be praying out loud in another language on an airplane, it is probably a good idea to give the flight attendants a heads-up.


Diet Coke has just passed Pepsi in soft drink sales, making it number two behind Coke. Now if they could just make a Diet Coke that tasted good and wasn’t feared to be bad for you.


Here is a list of ten of the world’s smallest animals. Which would you want to take home?


Finally, here is a list of the greatest pro multi-sport athletes of all time. There is lots of room to agree and disagree in this area. For instance, where’s Bo Jackson? I believe he out-classed both Brian Jordan and Deion Sanders as football/baseball athletes.

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