Tuesday, February 22

Spiritual Consumers


“Unfortunately, the consuming spirit of our age has taken possession of most Christians in North America, and as a result, they too find it difficult to imagine another way of life. They assume, along with virtually everyone else, that the primary purpose in life is to make choices that will satisfy their own interests and desires in every sphere allotted to them by the commercial institutions of society. Numbered among those spheres is religion. It thus seems natural to talk about our relationship with God as yet another lifestyle choice, another good or service for our enjoyment. Unless we are careful, ‘meeting needs’ simply becomes another way of saying, ‘satisfying the customer.’”

- Storm Front: The Good News of God, by James Brownson



What do you think …


How do you find consumerism sneaking in to your spiritual life?


Do you evaluate spiritual opportunities by what you receive rather than what you give?


As a Christian leader, where do you feel tempted to compromise your call and purpose to appeal to the desires of spiritual consumers?


As Christian leaders, how do we free people from the grip of spiritual consumerism and release them to the joy of true discipleship?

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