Tuesday, February 8

Interesting News from the World of Sports


Some odds and ends from the world of sports over the past few months.


The reason that we should all be fans of Wake Forest University’s baseball team: Their coach is donating a kidney to a freshman on their team.


Last week was the NCAA’s National Signing Day. Though most of the attention goes to football, who are really the best recruiters among college coaches? ESPN rates the Top 20 recruiters in college athletics. If you can’t access the ESPN site, here is the list on Texas A&M’s site (which may give you a clue to at least one name on the list).


For you track and field fans, here is one person’s list of the Top Eight Field Event Athletes of All Time.


With so many athletes forgetting what sportsmanship is all about, here is a great story about an act of sportsmanship by a high school is Ashland, OR.


I mentioned this post a few months ago, but it is so fascinating that I had to mention it again. Here is a great article on the highest paid athlete of all time. I bet no one has his poster on their wall!

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