Friday, October 22

Thinking Biblically - Thoughts From Francis Chan

Francis Chan has not only been one of the most popular Christian speakers and writers in America over the past couple of years, he is a man who models what he talks about. His books, Crazy Love and Forgotten God, are well worth the read.

In April, Chan resigned the mega-church he led in Southern California. He and his family sold their house and last Saturday moved to India without (as I understand it) a detailed plan. Their goal is just to follow the Holy Spirit and his leading.

Earlier this month, Chan spoke at Catalyst. Here is a clip of that message. As you watch, ask yourself:

What is there in my life that gives evidence that I am thinking and living Biblically?

What is there that the rest of the world would consider weird because it is shaped by God and not our culture?

Would your life fit well inside the pages of Scripture or would it look weird in that context?

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