Wednesday, October 13

Change, Restorers, Generations, and The Corner - Catalyst Day 2

It was my intention so post this earlier, but travel and schedule kept me from getting it done. Here are a few more highlights from last week's Catalyst Conference:

Seth Godin on change:

"Change comes from people who accept responsibility without demanding authority."

"If you want to succeed, you have to be wiling to fail. In fact, you have to be willing to embrace failure as a benefit."

Gabe Lyons on the next generation of Christians:

"Restorers are provoked to engage a broken world. Rather than complain, they create. They're not critics, but creators. They respond to calling where they are."

Craig Groeschel on generational tension:

"Older generation: don't resent or criticize the younger generation. Invest in them and empower them.... Delegate authority. This produces leaders."

"Younger generation: Don't over-estimate what God wants to do through you in the short-run. Don't under-estimate what God can do through you in the long-run."

"Honor publicly leads to influence privately." Andy Stanley

"When we honor Jesus, we will learn to honor those he has put in authority over us. Respect is earned; honor is freely given."

T.D. Jakes on getting out of our comfort zone:

"Leadership is about getting 'off the corner' and the community where we are comfortable, with its limited worldview."

"Are we armed with the language that reaches the masses or a language that alienates the world?"

"If you live in a room where you're the smartest person, get out of that room."

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