Thursday, February 11

Spiritual Spontaneity

From Mark Batterson's book Wild Goose Chase:

"They were so busy loving God that they didn't have time to love their neighbor. And that is when our routines become counterproductive. Let's be honest. We can get so busy doing 'ministry' that we don't have time for ministry.... In fact, as I read the gospels, it seems to me that most of Jesus' ministry was unplanned.... Spontaneity is an underappreciated dimension of spirituality. In fact, spiritual maturity has less to do with long-range visions than it does with moment-by-moment sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. And it is our moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that turns life into an everyday adventure." pp. 57-58

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Allen said...

I've been teaching a class that centers on the theme of control of the mind. This is very much a part of our spiritual maturity, what Batterson says about "moment-by-moment sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit." The mind is either controlled by the Holy Spirit, thought by thought, or by the world...