Tuesday, February 23

Ask Mike Night, Part I

Tonight was our annual "Ask Mike Night" at Christ on Campus. I don't know when we began doing this, but it had to be at least fifteen years ago. The basic format is pretty simple:

1. Students can anonymously submit any questions on any topic.
2. I randomly draw the questions, written on paper or note cards, out of a basket.
3. I have three minutes to complete my answer to the question.

It is always a fun and interesting night. A couple of things I have learned over the years:

* Every question has a context. Somebody is asking that question for a reason. So I need to be sensitive to the contexts that the question may represent.

* I will always think of something I wish I would have said when I finish. The combination of not knowing exactly what questions will be asked and having a short time limit doesn't always allow me to give the "perfect" answer.

But the questions get me thinking and get conversations going. Plus, they give us a chance to deal with the questions and issues in the lives of our students in a way that is safe and fun for them. Here are some of the questions asked tonight:

* How can I not get in a relationship?

* What happened to people who died a long time ago without knowing God? Did they go to hell? Isn't that unfair?

* What person's words or writings have shaped you, as a Christian and as a human being?

* What was your most difficult moment as a pastor?

* Is killing in war murder? God used battles to punish civilizations in the Bible many times. Also, God destroyed entire cities and the world once. Is it murder for God?

* When I make choices, how do I know where that's what God wants me to do?

* Why is sex before marriage wrong?

* Sex?

* What is the best way to relieve stress?

* Why do bad things happen to good people?

* What are your thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you think their method of "spreading the truth" is really effective in representing God and drawing others to him?

* One student clipped a question from an actual ethics exam and taped it to a note card!

As you can see, it was an interesting night. Of course, we didn't get through all of the questions tonight. So next week will be Ask Mike Night, Part II.

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