Wednesday, August 9

Jake, Jen, and Jonah Tolbert took off for Illinois yesterday. For those of you who don't know the Tolberts, Jake was my associate here at the UofA for at least the past seven years (I can never keep the years straight). Jake came down from Eastern Illinois University to do an internship with us and wound up staying around. Over the years, Jake covered a lot of areas for us: small groups, mission trips, facilities, technology, drama and video, and more. He was a great asset to this ministry and will be greatly missed.


In the "not a big surprise" category, a recent study published in Pediatrics concluded that teens who listen to music with a heavy sexual content tend to become sexually active at an earlier age than those who don't. An Associated Press article by Lindsey Tanner shows that the number almost doubles. And if you don't think that much of today's pop, rock, rap, and hip-hop music doesn't have a heavy sexual content, you haven't been listening.


From an ABCNEWS article: "Eighty-three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Most of the rest, 13 percent, have no religion. That leaves just 4 percent as adherents of all non-Christian religions combined — Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and a smattering of individual mentions."

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