Thursday, August 18

Welcome Week

Welcome Week has started. The residence halls opened for everyone today and we will have at least one activity every day for the next eight days. Some days there will be more than one. They will range from worship services to a karaoke night to a video game tournament. The goal of some of the activities is just to give new students a chance to get to know us through something they enjoy. The end purpose of the week is to help students get plugged in to our ministry so that God can work in their lives through his Word, through worship, through service, through prayer, and through others. So, though some of the activities may seem a little "odd", the goal is the same - to help students get to a place where they can encounter God and he can touch their lives.

But that all starts tomorrow. Tonight several of us gathered for a time of prayer. We prayed for a while at The Rockhouse. Then we divided up into four groups and "prayer walked" around campus. It was really a special time to prayer over the dorms, the classroom buildings, the dining halls, the fraternity and sorority houses, etc. - asking God to bless those who entered there and to make his presence known to them. It was sweet!
I also got to help Stacy move into Futrall Hall today. She's in the same dorm and on the same floor that Erin was four years ago. She is doing well from her surgery yesterday. Kristin, David, and Brio helped with the move - which was greatly appreciated! One of the upperclassmen (Ryan) in charge of moving new students in was himself a new student that I helped to moved in four years ago! I don't know that I have ever seen two students - male or female - that brought as much stuff to college as Ryan and Chris did their freshman year!
Two of my former interns brought me a new "I am the Big Dog" coffee mug yesterday. It is proudly sitting on my desk. Of course, this year's office policy is that everyone on staff has to call me "Chief." I think it has a nice ring to it!

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