Monday, August 29

2:00 AM Grill

The 2:00 AM Grill is good times. God has blessed us with a great location. You can't get to the Fayetteville "club district" from campus without going by our building! So we reach out to those who choose to "partake" in that entertainment. The bars close at 2:00 AM, so at about midnight we have a group that sets up a grill and serves hamburgers and hot dogs to anyone who wants them. We had at least a dozen folks from ConC working last Friday night - passing out food and talking to people.

It's a pretty non-threatening and lively environment. The goal is to show God's love in a practical way, to build bridges of friendships, and to pray for chances to talk about spiritual things. But the topic is not forced. We let God lead the conversation. And there are always conversations. People respond to the kindness and friendliness of our people as they share God's love. Success is measured more by conversations engaged in than hamburgers served. It's cool enough to keep even an old man like me up until 3:00 AM!

Another of the great things about the Grill is that it is totally a student organized and run ministry. They set up the grill, buy the food, organize the workers, and make it all happen. Good times.

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