Saturday, May 14

Senior Assembly and Nashville

Yesterday morning was the Springdale High School Senior Assembly. It's kind of hard to believe that in a week my "baby" will be graduating from high school! Yesterday's assembly was a time for the seniors to reflect on their school careers through words and pictures (Stacy made a presentation about middle school) and then to receive scholarships and awards. The head counselor said that this graduating class has been offered about $8 million in scholarships. Stacy was recognized for her UofA scholarships, as well as received awards for straight A's through high school and for the work she did in putting together the CAP book (the book that lists all the classes the school offers, with a description of each). She's done a great job in school - and is a great young lady. We're very proud of her - of what she has done and of who she is.

It is kind of sad, however, that this is the last graduating class from Springdale as a town with only one high school. Next year the new high school will open and some Springdale kids will graduate from there. The new high school is needed (Stacy's class will probably have close to 800 in it), but it will definitely bring about a change in the community. One of the things that we have loved about Springdale is that, even though it is growing so fast and has one of the largest school districts in the state (with over 15,000 students), it is a community that has revolved around its churches and schools - and especially the SHS Bulldogs. All that will change to some degree.

After the assembly, Erin and I took off for Nashville, TN for the SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships. For the past three years, Erin as gone to at least one meet with me. She is friends with athletes on both the men's and women's teams - and their parents. So she will hang out with them while I'm working. In fact, thanks to our old friend Josh Willoughby, we are staying at the same hotel as the Lady Razorbacks, so we ate breakfast with Paige and Dee Gee and others. We ate dinner last night with a couple of the men athletes, a Ladyback, and their parents. We haven't made it to the track yet. Guess I'll have to head that way soon. Hopefully the rain will hold off. I'm doing the high jump and vault this weekend.

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