Monday, May 23

Graduation Weekend

Stacy's graduation weekend has come and gone. We had some family come down to take part in the festivities - my mom, Gina's folks, and my brother and his family. We all trekked up to Bud Walton Arena at the UofA for the ceremony. Now Stacy's an official high school graduate. The next stop is the UofA. I'm looking forward to having her up here with me and involved with ConC. It will be fun having both girls involved in the ministry for a year.

It's hard to believe that both of our girls are out of high school now. It seems like just last week that Dr. Rogers was trying to get Gina to hurry up and deliver Stacy so he wouldn't miss the kickoff of the Cowboy's Monday Night Football game against St. Louis. She was born at about 7:58 pm on Sept. 29, 1986 - and Dallas beat St. Louis 31-7. Everyone ended the night happy.

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, Gina and I helped with "Project Graduation" - an all-night party for the graduates at the Jones Center here in Springdale. They had the pool and ice skating rink open, as well as a whole collection of "inflatable", a casino, an electric bull, a band, a DJ, the game room, and food. Everyone won a door prize, ranging from Wal-Mart and restaurant coupons to laptop computers. We were there from 8:30 pm until almost 4:30 am. It was a long night! But it was fun to be there for Stacy's last high school event.

Our baby graduated and staying up all night about killed us. I was even too tired to go see Star Wars on Sunday. Yes, we are feeling old.

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