Thursday, February 23

Thinking About Leadership: Harbaugh, Hedgehogs, Movies, and Young Leaders


Here are a few things I’ve read recently that have some great leadership information. If you’re a leader and are influencing younger leaders (and all of us lead in some realm, whether it be in a job, on a team, in our family, in our church or ministry), you will find some helpful insights among these stories. So read on …


Jim Harbaugh has proven himself to be a successful coach at both the NCAA and NFL level. I saw this story just today. I love the way that Tom Crean – his brother-in-law and head basketball coach at Indiana – summed it up:


"I think it goes to show why he's a very successful leader as a player and certainly now as a coach, because there's no job above him and there's no job beneath him and it's all about winning.”



I was pointed to this post on organizational culture that develops young leaders by my friend Tim Casteel’s blog. Tim is the Director of Cru on our campus and a great leader. If you are in campus ministry, you need to be reading his blog.


So the question is: is your organization giving young leaders a chance to flourish? Or are you stuck in an organizational culture that keeps them bound – and frustrated?



Jim Collins is one of the best business/organization/leadership writers of the past few years. In this post, Mark Howell does a great job of summarizing some of Collins’ main concepts. It will just take you a few minutes to read the post, but you should really spend several hours thinking through and implementing the ideas.



Finally, Tim Elmore came up with this list of the greatest leadership movies. If I had to choose my top few from this list, the would be (in no particular order):


The Last Castle


Remember the Titans

Dead Poet’s Society



Twelve Angry Men

Apollo 13


What are your favorite leadership movies? Why?

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Tim Casteel said...

Great list Mike (especially like the brief Jim Collins synopsis)!
And thanks for the kind words!