Friday, January 13

Thoughts on Solitude


During the first half of this week, I was able to get away for a time of quiet and solitude. It was a chance to spend some extended time in prayer and reflection. The television wasn’t on much (I did watch part of the LSU-Alabama game). There was no internet access. Just a quiet view of the lake and time to pray and think and read and plan.  I could think back over the past few months and do some evaluation. I could think ahead to the coming months and do some dreaming and planning. I try to do that a couple of times a year.


I believe we all need some time of solitude and quiet. Maybe you can’t get away for a few days, but finding a few hours on a regular basis can keep you balanced and focused and in connection with God. I don’t think we can walk closely with God without some times of quiet. Maybe you just set some “quiet hours” at your house in the mornings or evenings when the TV goes off. Maybe you find some time each week to go walk in a park. Maybe you schedule a monthly day of solitude or a monthly hike. We all need times of quiet and solitude to talk to and hear from God.


These times won’t come by accident. They won’t just fall into your calendar. Our world and our lives will fight against them. So we need to become convinced of their importance and carve time in our lives to spend in solitude and quiet with God.


“Anyone who thinks that his time is too valuable to spend keeping quiet will eventually have no time for God and his brother, but only for himself and his follies.”   Dietrich Bonhoeffer


“A public man, though he is necessarily available at many times, must learn to hide. If he is always available, he is not worth enough when he is available.”   Elton Trueblood


“Be still, and know that I am God.”   Psalm 46:10


“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.”   Isaiah 30:15


“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”   Luke 5:16

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