Tuesday, December 20

Some Sports Highlights: Creative Traditions and Tebow Mic’d Up


One of the great things about sports of all kinds are the traditions that surround them. For my high school in Kansas, it was the entire team leaving the stadium and jogging across the street to ring the Victory Bell in front of the high school after a home victory. (Unfortunately, we never got to ring the bell at our final home game of the season. We lost the state finals, quarter-finals, and semi-finals at home in my sophomore, junior,and senior years.)


Here are couple of traditions that I’ve recently seen that seem to be a lot of fun. The first is from Taylor University and has a Christmas theme to it.


I would love to know where they came up with this idea, but Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, MA has a great pre-game tradition.


They also are pretty cool with the post-game celebration.


Finally, most of America is aware of Tim Tebow and the way that he has led the Denver Bronco’s to some great comeback. Of course, a big part of Tebow is his faith and the way he lives his life. No matter what people think of his quarterbacking skills, they have little doubt about what he believe or the kind of person that he is. During Denver’s game against the Chicago Bears a couple of weeks ago, they had Tebow mic’d up. I found it interesting to listen to what he said to his teammates, coaches, opponents, self, and God during the game. At least three things are for sure: He desires God to be honored, he is a great competitor, and the dude cannot sing.

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