Monday, September 12

Items of Interest from Around the World


Cleaning out some odds and ends that I had found interesting. Hopefully you will enjoy at least one of them!


* A very cool video from Tahiti. It brings to mind this quote from Phil Edwards, champion surfer:


“There is a need in all of us for controlled danger. That is, there is a need for activity that puts us on the edge of life. There are uncounted millions of people right now who are going through life without any sort of real, vibrant kick. I call them ‘the legions of the unjazzed.’”


* One of the joys of working the World Masters’ Meet this summer was getting to visit with Olga Kotelko, a 92-year-old athlete from Canada. You will enjoy reading about her in this piece from the New York Times Magazine.


* Some other track related news …


I have known Jesse Williams since he was a freshman at North Carolina State. He went on to be a four-time NCAA high jump champion at USC and he is now the World Champion. You can watch him win that championship here.


Here is a nice piece regarding Alan Bell, a friend of mine from England who just happened to be the starter when Usain Bolt false-started at the World Championships.


Track athletes – make sure your hair is cut, or at least put up. Long hair may have cost this woman a medal and a lot of money.


* Finally, a couple of general interest items …


A man sues White Castle because their booths aren’t big enough for him.


This man posted a video of him counting to 100,000 – very slowly. It took 77 hours! No, I haven’t watched it all. I’m just taking their word for it. But you can watch it if you want!

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