Tuesday, June 28

Random Thoughts: Creativity & Organization, City Ranks, and the Value of a College Degree


Summer traveling has taken a toll on my ability to write on here regularly. Here are some items that I have come across that you might find interesting…


Gina and I have just returned from a couple of weeks of vacation and we had the chance to visit some great cities: Vancouver (arriving the day after the hockey riot), Seattle (and we got to take in a Mariners game), Eugene, OR (a great college town), and Yachats, OR (city might be the wrong word, but a great place to spend some quiet time on the Pacific coast). In honor of our nation’s cities, here are two informative lists:


America’s Most Well-Read Cities


America’s Most Dangerous Cities




There can be great discussions about which is more important: creativity or organization and structure. There can also be great frustration between those who are more creative and those who are more structured. This great video by Scott Belsky shows the importance of both. I would encourage you to follow him on Twitter (@ScottBelsky) and to subscribe to his website.




Georgetown University has released a study showing what various college degrees are really worth in dollars and cents, as well as differences in pay because of gender. Let’s just say that if you are an art major, I hope you enjoy what you do.

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