Wednesday, March 9

Misc. Thought: The Girl Effect, a New Favorite Band, and the Ten Greatest Records


Here are a few random thoughts. I hope you enjoy, but mostly I hope they make you think ….


Check out this great video regarding a major problem with some very practical solutions. Also, check out the African Education Resource Center. A couple of our former students (Jenise Huffman and Jene’ Huffman-Gilreath) are on the Board of Directors of this organization that is taking steps to provide resources.




I first heard Gungor at Catalyst last October in Atlanta. I’m usually not a big fan of most Christian bands, but love their style musically and the things they have to say. Here is a video of theirs that has been making the rounds: “God is not a white man”.




Finally, in honor of this weekend’s NCAA Indoor Championships, here is a list of the “Ten Most Untouchable” high school track and field records.

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