Friday, July 30

Anne Rice Quits Christianity, Part Two

Last night I wrote about Anne Rice's announcement that, though she was continuing to follow Christ, she was quitting Christianity. Part of my post admitted that many often feel frustrated with the hypocrisy of Christians, the negative stances that many Christians take, and the failures of the Church over the years. That seems to be a growing sentiment in our nation and books like unChristian document how many outside of Christianity view us as being "anti" everything. I am frustrated by that, as well, and feel that far too often the Church hinders its own cause by narrow-mindedness and a desire to pontificate rather than listen.

But the more I thought about Anne Rice's position, the more frustrated I became. She has fallen in to the trap that so many have - letting the failures of Christianity blind her to the positive things that have been done and continue to be done by the Church in our world. Schools, hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, meal programs, HIV/AIDS programs, micro-financing agencies, agricultural programs, clean water wells, disaster relief projects, and the list goes on. Christianity and the Church give time, money, resources, etc. throughout the world to people who are and aren't Christians.

So, before you write off Christianity, look past the failures to the contributions that the Church has made. No other group of religious or non-religious people has given as much to so many. And I will continue to be a part of Christianity and the Church, in spite of its shortcomings, because it is the Body of Christ in this world and God's chosen avenue for accomplishing his purpose in our world.

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