Wednesday, March 3

Ask Mike Night, Part II

Last night was the second part of our annual "Ask Mike Night". Below are some more of the questions asked. I share them with you just to give you an idea of some of the things that students are wondering about. I am posting the questions just as they were asked. How would you answer them?

* What is your favorite food and why?

* What event/person/question has presented you with the greatest challenge to your faith and how have you overcome it or reconciled yourself with it?

* How do you make fasting beneficial to your spiritual life?

* In the process of writing the Bible, would the writers throw in their own interpretations of what God told them instead of writing exactly what God said?

* People seem to be either obsessed with Revelation and Bible prophecy or ignore it completely. What do you think? How important is it to spend time on Bible prophecy?

* How do you reconcile the well-evidenced support for evolution with the supposed "specialness" assigned to man? What makes us special enough spiritually to seek God if we are merely descendants of "lower" animals?

* How old is the earth? Does it matter?

* David Crowder wrote a song and book called "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die." This is often how I feel. I want to be with Jesus in Heaven, but I don't want my life to end yet. Is this selfish?

* How do I know whether I get to go to heaven?

* Can you lose your salvation?

* We are taught to respect our parents, but how do you stay respectful when they are truly not being fair?

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