Monday, December 21

Young Adults and Spirituality

From the Ivy Jungle Report. The thoughts are mine ...

Most Young Adults Think They are Spiritual: A survey conducted by LifeWay research indicates the vast majority of unchurched young adults consider themselves spiritual. This contrasts a view of young adults as uninterested in God or spiritual matters. 73% of 20-29 year olds said they think they are spiritual and want to learn more about "God or a higher supreme being." Among those 30 and over, that number is only 62%. 89% of 20-29 year olds said they would be open to a conversation about Christianity – 14% higher than those over 30 years old. 63% said they would attend church if it presented truth to them in a way that "relates to my life now." 58% said they would be more likely to attend if they felt the church "cared for them as a person." ( September 16, 2009)

These numbers reinforce what has been said in other places - the vast majority of young adults are interested in spiritual matters and have a very positive view of Jesus. But those who aren't involved in a church tend to have a negative view of the church. As someone once said, we have a message that young adults should want t0 hear - it's about something they are interested in and someone they admire. But our "delivery system" needs work!

Some things that we who are Christians need to think about:

* We need to listen more and talk less.
* We need to care more and judge less.
* We need to demonstrate in visible way how the message of Christ affects our lives.
* Relationships based on trust and love are the bridge over which the Gospel travels.
* Spiritual conversations are not taboo. People are interested if they know you care.

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