Friday, July 3

Erin's Wedding

Our summer of weddings is half way over. Last Saturday, Erin became Mrs. Rick Merrill in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the hottest day of the summer. Though we sweat through the ceremony and the reception, it was a beautiful and joyous time with lots of family and friends from around the country.

Erin is the oldest of our two daughters - 26 and an RN at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. She is personable and caring, always willing to laugh and help. She has
the perfect demeanor for a nurse and is great at her job (as the hospital where she works has realized). Rick loves her greatly (how could he not) and is attentive to her. He is working construction while taking college classes at night to finish his degree. I respect the way he is working hard to improve himself and their future. I also appreciate his efforts in his spiritual life over the past year and a half. Though he didn't grow up active in church, he has been attending church and a small group with Erin. When his class schedule interfered with his ability to be in the small group, he took the initiative to get the group time changed so that he could be a part of it.

We are happy for them. Please say a pray on their behalf as they start their lives together. And pray for Gina and I, too, as both of our daughters get married this summer and will soon be located several hours away from us. As Bob Dylan would say, "The times they are a changin."

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