Thursday, June 4

Retreating in Indiana

I'm spending a few days this week in Indiana at our annual retreat for campus ministers. Since 1983, we have been meeting at the Canyon Inn in McCormick's Creek State Park. It's a beautiful park with lots of trees and trails.

But the best part each year is just being with a group of folks who share a common passion for God's Kingdom and reaching college students. We are here from Florida to Wisconsin to worship, encourage one another, and prepare for future ministry. This year's speaker is Al Hirsch, one of the leading author's on missional church strategy - basically approaching our community as a mission field and building our ministry in a way that communicates with those who don't know Christ as opposed to building a ministry and expecting those who aren't Christians to adapt to us. He's doing a great job of helping us to think in creative ways about our culture and our ministries.

But I do feel a little old. I'm one of about six here who have been doing campus ministry for 20 years or more. There are more than that here who weren't born when I started in campus ministry! But there is a lot of enthusiasm, passion, and potential. The future looks good.

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