Friday, April 3

Always Being Prepared ...

"... always being prepared ..."
I Peter 3:15

Be prepared in season and out of season. When it is convenient and when it is not. When I am tired and when I am rested. When I am "on duty" and when I am "off." When I have another agenda and when I don't.

Be prepared to give the reason for the hope that I have. To step through an open door. To share the Good News of Jesus. To pray for someone who is hurting. To serve someone who has a need. To say a word of encouragement. To share a word of instruction. To listen to someone tell their story. To set aside my agenda for a greater purpose. To hear the voice of God. To say "yes" to prayer. To say "no" to sin.

But I am far too often not prepared. I am often self-absorbed. I am often tired. I am often lazy. I am often unaware. I am often calloused of heart. I am often distracted. I am often disobedient. I am often sinful.

May I always be prepared for everything to which my Father calls me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michael: Your not going to believe this, or maybe you will; Anyroad, here goes my story.
I was searching for Hidden Haven Christian camp by Google Earth, and couldn't find it. I attended Hidden Haven as a camper back in 1968, 40yrs ago. while doing my search, I was mystified by the fact that although I remember heading west from Thayer, Ks. for about 3 or 4 miles, and then turning southward; according to Google maps, it listed the camp as being east of Thayer, across highway 169. When you look at the area with google earth, there are no geophysical features that resemble the campsite; at least none that I remember, and I have a great visual memory.
Anyroad, as I continued to search by Google, and continuing to click on numerous links, word searches, and more links, I eventually came across your blog; which was really amazing, because you state that you attened Hidden Haven 32yrs ago !! your blog was dated July of 2005.
And after reading it, I decided to write you to see if we know some of the same people who attended, and what memories you can share with me.
write me back asap.