Tuesday, March 17

After ten years away ...

This week I'm back in Vida Nueva Ministries in Piedras Negras, Mexico for Spring Break. I first brought students here in 1987 when there was nothing but an empty field. We came back every year through 1999, digging and building and loving the people and the work they were doing.
But for a number of reasons, this is the first year we have been back since 1999. And so much has changed: more buildings, more children, a clinic, a school. But every where I turn on the campus, there are memories. Those who made decisions for Christ while we were here. Those whose hearts were opened to ministry and missions while we were here. Those who served with us here as students and are now with the Lord.
This year's group got here with some fear and trepidation. The US State Department didn't make it easy by posting a travel alert for Mexico. The University didn't help by forwarding it to our students. I dealt with several phone calls and emails from concerned parents (and understandably so). But we are in a safe place with people I trust completely. And God is blessing the trip. The weather has been great. The group has worked hard and have a great time together. This is the 25th year I've led a Spring Break mission trip and I can promise you that those aren't always the case.
Keep praying for us. Pray for our safe travel. Pray for the work of Jair and Norma Castillo and Vida Nueva Ministries. And pray for God to work in the hearts of our students as he has done in this place so many times in the past.

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Trevor said...

last piedras trip was 1998. 1999 was the first amor trip.

maybe i'll get a few more piedras photos scanned. that was pre-digital for me...