Tuesday, January 20

Reflecting on the Inauguration of President Barak Obama

Did you make time today to watch the inauguration ceremony of Barak Obama as President of the United States? I hope you did. In fact, I wish schools across the country would have dismissed classes and required their students to watch the ceremony. As I said in a post last November, this was a significant day in the history of our nation. Whether you voted for Barak Obama or not, I hope you appreciated the significance of the day. Here are some of my thoughts as I watched the inauguration events:

* The crowd that gathered on the mall in Washington DC was amazing. Millions upon millions of people who couldn't get close enough to actually see the event, but who wanted to be part of history. I had friends there, but I never saw them on TV!

* Aretha Franklin's hat.

* The musical piece by Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, and crew was amazing.

* I thought Rick Warren did a great job with his prayer.

* Either I'm not smart enough to appreciate good poetry, or that wasn't good poetry (or delivery).

* President Obama's Inaugural Address was inspiring and just the right length.

* George Bush handled himself with class throughout this transition.

I found myself with a sense of optimism today. But it wasn't an optimism necessarily based on President Obama. I didn't vote for him and am still not sure what kind of president he will make. I think my optimism is based on a couple of things.

One is the progress our nation has made in the last 40 years. When Barak Obama was born, there were restaurants in our country in which he couldn't eat and hotels in which he couldn't stay. Now he is the president of the United States. We still have a lot of problems to face and a lot of differences to overcome, but we have overcome a lot, as well. I can only imagine the pride and joy felt today by those who fought the civil rights battles a generation ago.

The other is the fact that ultimately it is God who establishes nations and those who rule them. It is God who directs history. The future of our country is ultimately in His hands. I may not know what kind of president Barak Obama will make but I do know the kind of God I serve.


coffee said...

The inauguration ceremony / after party looked like quite a get-together -- i'm sorry i missed it

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