Tuesday, December 23

Christmas is upon us ....

This post has been delayed a few days because of blogger problems ...

The celebration of Christmas is often attacked from folks on both ends of the cultural spectrum - from those on the religious right who feel that it is too "secularized" and distracts from the real message of Christianity and from those on the liberal left who feel that the religious trappings of the season are inappropriate in our pluralistic culture. Here is a very good column by Michael Medved on the issue.

Have a very merry Christmas - regardless of what the Scrooges among us say.

To add to your Christmas season, here are a couple of Christmas-related links:

Many folks claim that their favorite Christmas movie is "A Christmas Story." I don't necessarily share that sentiment, but here are "Twelve Things You Might Not Know About 'A Christmas Story.'"

And here is my daughter's (Stacy) favorite Christmas song.

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