Monday, October 27

Another Campus Shooting

We first heard bits of news about it last night on Facebook, but if you've seen the news today you know that there was a shooting on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. Though Christ on Campus doesn't have a presence there, I have friends who are students on that campus. Please be praying for that campus community. This is the second college campus shooting in Arkansas this calendar year, the other being at UALR in February.

All of these - as well as shootings on other campuses around the country - always bring back the memories of August 28, 2000. On that day, the first day of classes for the fall semester, a troubled graduate student walked into the office of a professor, killing the professor and then himself.

There are usually discussions after such events on how to prevent them, but I don't know that such incidents are preventable in public places such as college campuses. They are reminders of the fallen world in which we live and the broken and scarred lives that are all around us. And they are reminders of how much our world needs the healing and peace-bringing touch of Jesus.


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