Tuesday, July 12

Summer ConC

This summer we are doing things a little differently that we do most summers. We are "test-driving" the new small group format that we want to use in the fall. It works on a four-week cycle:

Week One - A social time so that members can bring friends who aren't involved in the group. This summer it has been miniature golf one time and bowling the next.

Weeks Two and Four - A discussion-oriented Bible study. This summer we are studying I John.

Week Three - A group service project. Last month we did yard work for a couple of ladies who are unable to do it for themselves because of health reasons. Tonight we are taking flowers to the residents of a local nursing home. (OK, they aren't real flowers. But they still look pretty! The mother of a couple of our students knew that they local cemetery was about to gather and destroy all of the artificial flowers there. So she grabbed them and brought them all to us! So now we're making bouquets out of them and passing them on. But it is the thought that counts!)

Things have gone pretty well, so far. We'll see what happens tonight. College students are like Christians of all ages: We tend to think the "meat" of being a Christian is knowledge and study. Sometimes we don't think things like community and service are as important. Yet it was love and service that Jesus said would be the mark of his followers! (See John 13 and Matthew 25.)


Yesterday I pulled out some CD's filled with some of the Christian music we had back in the 70's - Andre' Crouch, The Imperials, and Sweet Comfort Band. These were "greatest hits" collections that I bought in recent years. I'm sure my originals were all in 8-tracks that are long gone! As I listened to them, the thought crossed my mind, "Man, these really aren't very good!" (Actually, SCB isn't too bad.) Maybe my taste has changed, but I'll take Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, Waterdeep, etc. anytime!

Of course, Keith Green is still the king.


Please keep me in your prayers. I'll be speaking in camps/conferences in three different states over the next four weeks:

July 16-22 in Colorado
July 24-29 in Kansas
August 6-11 in Indiana

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